On August 10, 2010 over 120 people filled the Oracle Fitness Center at the Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California for a talk by Radhanath Swami on “Harmonizing Body, Mind, and Soul”. Oracle is one of the world’s leading computer technology companies,

The afternoon event was hosted by Oracle member Sandhya Rajput, and Swami was graciously introduced by Rashmi Bajaj, another fellow employee of Oracle. Swami began his talk by telling the story of a good friend of his from India, who has to go through tremendous amount of turmoil reorganizing his once massively-successful textile factory from the ground up. Despite the stress of losing large amounts of money everyday, his friend remained clear-headed and determined.

Swami recalled that “everyday he was doing his spiritual practices in such a way that he was seeing his struggles as a spiritual opportunity rather than a curse, and if you see something as a blessing rather than a curse, it remains a blessing, and if you see it as a curse it remains a curse.”

Swami focused his talk on the healing and enlightening power of mantra meditation as a way and a practice to connect to this powerful essence beyond all surface tumult. He said the benefits of these sacred mantras is to cleanse the mind of all of the dust that lies upon it, dust that manifests in the form of our selfishness, egoism, and attachments, or prejudice that comes from our nationality or our religion.

The benefits that come from being freed of this dust can be profound, as Swami shared that “when the mind is cleansed, the pure soul sees that I am divine, and I am part of the divine and every living beings is my family member, and there is nothing but love. You can’t help but love God and also love every living being. These mantras are meant to cleanse the heart and awaken divinity within ourselves.”

Swami went on to further elucidate that the core result of this kind of meditation and practice was the harmony of the body, mind, and soul in yoga. He said that “yoga or spirituality is meant to bring us deep down inside, and help us find a foundation in life in the eternal reality within ourselves. Whatever sunny or stormy days may come, what we will build in our life, through our relationships, through our career, will have a solid ground that cannot be shaken by the unpredictable conditions of this world.”

Here are some appreciative quotes from some of the Oracle employees in the audience that afternoon:

Prakash Hegde, “I really enjoyed the simplicity and clarity of Swami’s thoughts”

Geetika Mahindra: “Swami’s talk was very helpful as a step towards self realization, and it also provided much needed advice to handle day to day stress”

Jayakrishnan nair, “Swami has a simple style of speaking, but he conveys deep truths. Please bring more such talks to Oracle”