In the early afternoon of August 9th, 2010, Radhanath Swami was invited to speak at the headquarters of the world’s most valuable company, Apple, located in Cupertino, CA.  The Apple Indian Association (AIA) hosted this special gathering of over 60 people, and they asked Radhanath Swami to speak on his “Life-Changing Journey Through Yoga”.

After being introduced by AIA host Deepak Chandani, Radhanath Swami began by explaining that yoga is meant to bring us back to the realization of who we actually are, which allows us to go deeper in life than just the external superficial appearances of things. He further explained that yoga is a science of that can give one the ability to  transform stress into a positive energy which inspires personal fulfillment and maximum productivity in whatever we may be doing in our life, because it connects to what we really are. Swami added that realization of yoga in this way can help us to harmonize our body, mind, and soul, and help us to truly process and transcend the difficulties we face in our lives.

Swami explained that if we can come to this deeper sense of harmony, we can find the real spiritual truth of who we actually are, and transcend the surface misconceptions and prejudices that exist in our world.  He revealed that it was this personal desire to transcend these prejudices and misunderstandings that led him to his own life-changing journey to understand the truth of yoga.

As he related the dynamic adventure of his journey, Swami shared how he came to be inspired by a passage in the Bhagavad-Gita which distilled the essence of the deep vision of yoga.  He shared from the Gita that “one who is actually learned sees everyone with equal vision, whether one is male or female, or any skin color. Whether one is from one nationality or another, even whether one is human or cow or a dog or an insect, where ever there is life, one sees the sacred presence of the soul.”

This passage helped the Swami on his journey to understand the depths of universal knowledge and love to be found in the tradition of yoga, and which gave him a deep insight into its ability to help everyone see through the surface tumults that life throws at us, including the harrowing presence of stress which effects life so acutely in the modern world.

“With a deep understanding of our soul through yoga”, Swami concluded, “there is a positive divine opportunity in every situation at every moment, if we can recognize it. The fact is every situation of life is a gift. Yoga, or spirituality, or true religion, is the process by which we can learn to see how everything is potentially a blessing.”

Below are some appreciative quotes from some of the Apple employees who attend the talk.

Shruti Chugh:  “I liked everything, especially the calmness it gave me, and the truth of Swami’s talk”

Helen Joseph: “I appreciated the need to see the integrity deep within ourselves, and the Swami’s calling for the greater good.”

Deepthi Gangasani: “It was amazing to get a chance to listen to someone with such great knowledge. It was an amazing lecture that made everyone think.”