On November 30, publishers launched the long-awaited Gujarati version of Radhanath Swami’s autobiography ‘The Journey Home’ at a special inauguration function held in Ahmedabad, the largest city and cultural and financial capital of the bustling Indian State of Gujarat.  The book’s Gujarati version, entitled  ‘Pele Par No Pravas’ (The Journey Home), was translated by Girish Rathod.

Several leading figures were present for the book launch, including Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who delivered the keynote address. In his twenty minute speech, delivered in Hindi, Mr. Modi spoke on India’s rich spiritual heritage as a source of hope and pride for the world. He cited two crises facing us today — religiously-motivated terrorism and global warming — as pertinent examples of how Hindu spirituality can be part of the solution by providing us with an alternative paradigm. Mr. Modi also congratulated Radhanath Swami for his perseverance and praised his ability to recognize the great value of India’s spiritual treasures in a way that native-born Indians are sometimes unable to.

“I am convinced that the reader will love this book and experience the spirituality described in it,” Mr. Modi concluded.

The  translation of Radhanath Swami’s memoirs into Gujarati is especially significant since much of the state’s Hindu population are devotees of Lord Krishna and, like Swami, practice the Bhakti tradition. Ahmedabad also has a longstanding reputation as a center of arts and literature in Gujarat.

The event, organized by the vibrant Ahmedabad chapter of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, also featured cultural presentations and a sanctified vegetarian feast.