On Wednesday, October 5th, the student union of The University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) invited Radhanath Swami to meet with senior chaplains from Imperial College, Arts College, SOAS and other universities across London. The SOAS is one of the leading international universities in London, specializing in the study of Asia, and boasts students from over 100 countries.

Following the meeting, Radhanath Swami addressed over 200 students, sharing experiences and lessons from his lifelong spiritual quest and answered the questions of the inquisitive audience. Students were particularly impressed by Radhanath Swami’s non-sectarian approach, as displayed by his genuine and heartfelt appreciation for the knowledge he has gained since his childhood from spiritual teachers from a wide spectrum of world traditions.

Ali Khan, representing The SOAS Student Union shared the following, “Firstly, it is not only a great pleasure but a great honor to have had such a warm and kind character coming to The SOAS Student Union regardless of how high profile and famous he is. In the JCR we have had some of the most incredible ideas and beliefs, and to have his Holiness Radhanath Swami here, seemed to embody all of that. His talk was open, honest, it was funny and most importantly it has attracted everyone from almost all backgrounds. This will be a landmark in their own journeys home. I am personally very humbled and very proud.”