Radhanath Swami paired up with the ebullient Gaura Vani to lead a rejuvenating seven-day retreat on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The retreat was conducted at Sivananda Ashram. The Swami gave powerful discourses from the ancient Vedic scripture called ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ in the morning and evening, followed by soul-stirring kirtans by Gaura Vani’s band ‘As Kindred Spirits’.

In between were walks on the beach, swimming in the mostly calm blue waters of the Caribbean, and delicious, vegetarian food prepared by the friendly volunteers and residents of the Ashram. ‘As Kindred Spirits’ also performed kirtans in between the morning and evening sessions most days, including some on the beach at sunset. The Ashram had perhaps a hundred and twenty residents and visiting guests.

As the week unfolded, most of the participants shared their feelings of happiness and deep satisfaction at the spiritual charge they were getting from the retreat. Three sanyasis (renunciates) from Sivananda Ashram were in residence during this retreat, and they shared many friendly conversations and meals with Radhanath Swami over the course of the seven days.

For those who attended the retreat, it was unforgettable in its simplicity, joy and beauty. Many are already wondering if there is something similar planned in the near future!