On July 13, 2011, Radhanath Swami gave a talk on his book The Journey Home at the Core Power Yoga Studio in Los Angeles run by yoga instructor, Kumudini. Core Power leads lifestyle and teacher training programs, yoga retreats and conferences, and has students numbering in the thousands.

The mellisonant devotional chanting led by Radhanath Swami and the famous kirtan singer C.C. White captivated the 120 people in attendance. Radhanath Swami began his talk by discussing his motivation for writing his memoir, proceeded to share some stories that transformed him, from his book “The Journey Home’.

“Home is where we find our family, love, comfort and shelter and that home is actually in our hearts where we actually connect with our Supreme divine mother and father”, he said. “Then we recognize every living being as our brother and sister beyond superficial differences of sex, race, nationality, religion. Wherever there is life there is sacred spark of God and when we recognise the spark within our-self we appreciate and love that spark in every living being and in that state of consciousness that is within us is our true home- a home that is forever. Every living being is looking for that home.”

The Swami recollected instances in his own life as a counter-cultural teenager, in the 1960s, who set out on a spiritual quest with his dear friend Gary. He then narrated a touching experience at a tea stall in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where a 16-year old blind boy, in material poverty, was happily playing a wired instrument singing God’s name in love and devotion. It was a sight full of contradictions. It then became clear to Radhanath Swami that a person’s happiness is not estimated by material possessions but by the inner satisfaction in connecting with the divine.

Radhanath Swami then spoke about the compassion and selflessness of an old man, Ghanashyam Baba of Vrindavan, the birthplace of Krishna. In the company of Ghanashyam Baba, Radhanath Swami discovered that humility is the most positive state of mind. Humility empowers us to see the beauty of God’s grace in others. It is an essential foundational quality.

Despite meeting many yogis and sadus who performed many supernatural feats, the humility, compassion and love of his spiritual master A.C Bhaktivedantaswami Prabhupada churned his heart and he decided to dedicate his life to help his spiritual master in his compassion.

Radhanath Swami concluded the talk by stating that the most powerful way to awaken the love of God within our hearts is by chanting the holy names of God. Bhakti is harmonizing our body mind with our spiritual aspirations so that we could reach the ocean of God’s grace, which is the ultimate journey home”.