One Swami, One Classroom, Hundreds of students—April 21, 2011 was an evening of spiritual guidance and musical mediation for the students of Rutgers University, New Jersey. Radhanth Swami was the special guest at Rutgers Bhakti Club’s semester finale – he was warmly welcomed by hundreds of students who gathered to hear him speak and lead a musical meditation session. Below are a few excerpts from an article featuring Radhanath Swami on the University newspaper:

…Giving advice on how to deal with stress, Swami said the key to happiness is gaining a powerful spiritual foundation so when it hits, there is internal strength to combat any circumstances that leads to it.

“It’s our natural duty to try to do the best we possibly can and to be as progressive and successful as possible,” he said. “But we should build our life on a solid foundation — a foundation that when things change dramatically, we will have stability.”

Swami said a common mistake people make is they forget about the most important thing a human being needs — to love and to be loved. Instead, so many people focus on themselves and on feeling powerful rather than helping others.

“The desire for power is just an internal emotional weakness,” he said. “Real strength is the desire to serve.”

… Swami reminded students that while pursuing their studies, success is always something to be proud of, but it should never replace the basic spiritual necessities of human beings.

“The most fundamental need of each human being is to love and to be loved,” he said. Accomplishments are great but not as the substitute to the real need for the heart.””

The talk was followed by a musical meditation session and a question and answer session. The evening ended with the book signing of Radhanath Swami’s autobiography, The Journey Home.

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