Rita Nethersole, Associate Dean at UMass Boston, said in her introduction on Thursday November 18 that “as I was reading Radhanath Swami’s book The Journey Home it invoked in me a sense of what UMass is about – people seeking in various ways and the ability to find wisdom in so many people. I was once told that we are human beings on a spiritual path but now I am learning that we are spiritual beings on a human path.”

Patrick Day, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, dropped in to encourage, inspire, and support the event. Radhanath Swami spoke about relationships with ourselves, other living beings, nature and God – on the basis of yoga.

He described his relationship with Kailash Baba, a wandering Himalayan ascetic, who saved his life and taught him how to survive in the wilderness, living with neighbors – wild animals and insects, and living with other humans. Kailash didn’t speak a word of English, and Radhanath Swami didn’t speak a word of Hindi. “If we really want to help someone then there is a divine power beyond our own that enables us to really help. Of all the teachers I had in school, the ones that made the biggest impact in my life were those who really cared about me and wanted me to learn – it is a form of love. Kailash Baba cared about me so much and really wanted to help me; so much knowledge came through him – from his fingers, his eyebrows, his gestures. And I could receive what he was giving because I deeply wanted to learn.”

Question: “Theoretically we know God loves us, but how can we really feel it from the heart?”
Answer: “If you have a map, first you have to know where you’re going and how to get there – you can’t just sit home and think that is enough. Actually you have to get up and go there. Similarly, great teachers have given us the theory and concept of what we can really aspire for and achieve in life, but there is also a road map of how to get there. By applying these teachings to our life with sincerity and honesty we gain direct experience. By understanding the truth properly in the company of people who are really aspiring for the truth and who achieved the truth. By applying these principles to our life we can access grace, within us and all around us. It can empower us to overcome all obstacles and lead to direct perception. If we tune into a specific frequency we access it. Similarly, spirituality (rituals, meditation, prayers, mantras) are meant for tuning into the divine frequency that is within us and all around us – becoming purified and enlightened by that.”

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