Radhanath Swami was part of a panel discussion with MIT professors, students, and special guests. All present openly discussed the intersection of spirituality and science and steps to harmonizing the two.

These were Radhanath Swami’s closing words: “I’m just so grateful to be here with all of you – such a beautiful evening. Some beautiful answers (to the question how science and spirituality can be brought together, particularly in medicine). The greatest things in the world begin with little people. In our congregation in Bombay I do programs at the Birla House. The great grandfather of Yash Birla was Ghanshyam Das Birla. It’s a beautiful home. When you come to Bombay to visit we’ll bring you there – you’re all invited. They have one room which they have kept exactly as it was 50 years before. In that room 6 or 7 people met – Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mr Patel… They met to discuss how to get the British out of India and be an independent nation. That’s all it was, just a few people in a room about this size. They had a series of discussions. At the time the British Empire was the most powerful Empire in the world – yet they did it.”

“The power of our intentions, the power of accessing that divinity that’s within us, and the power of the harmony of even a few people who agree on that can have a tremendous strength – and we should have faith in what we can do. I think from a practical perspective what is really important in the world is tangible models that people can see. They may begin as very small models. If we can join our efforts together, being like-minded people – we could be from different religions and fields of life but have a like-minded concern for society – to create models that work for people to see, that is very powerful.”

“What we tried to do in Bombay with this hospital is just to create a little model. In the West we can create so much greater powerful models if we just put our minds and hearts together in that spirit of compassion that we were talking about. I think we can make a big difference in this world, because people will take something seriously not because we say it but because they actually see it. This is something we, though tiny, can do.”