Monday November 22 Radhanath Swami spoke at a yoga studio in Maplewood, New Jersey. He met Clair, one of the co-founders of Baker Street Yoga, before the program. She told him, “not everybody can do what you did – hitchhike from London all the way to the Himalayas and get all kinds of lessons on the way.”

“Clair you don’t have to, you already took a shortcut. We all have to go through what we have to go through but if we’re sincere everything is revealed to us,” the swami replied.

He described the activities of Tat Walla Baba – illustrating his super human strength. He also described a yogi who stopped his life symptoms – breath, heart beat, pulse – for 30 minutes while doctors examined him. Exactly 30 min later he returned to external consciousness, walking back into the forest never to be seen again. He didn’t want recognition or posterity but to show the scientific world the power of yoga.

Radhanath Swami described how Balshiva yogi displayed mystic powers and told his audience that it wasn’t spiritual but manipulation of gross matter with the subtle energy of the mind – through austerity and meditation. Balshiva yogi said, “I create ashes; God creates universes. Real spirituality is realizing you are the eternal soul – beyond the body, mind, and ego. Real spirituality is also understanding your eternal connection with God. That is the only thing that can bring real peace.”

He said, “the concept of the feminine aspect of the divine – Radha, Sita, or Laksmi – so much charmed my heart. That God is both male & female yet both are equally the same one Supreme Truth. The female dimension of God is the supreme divine origin of compassion, love, and forgiveness.”

He returned to North America as a hardcore yogi ascetic with matted hair, sadhu robes, and a begging pot. He slept on his parents’ back porch and looked out into the distance: “whether we’re in the mountains of the Himalayas or in New York or anywhere we are – when we really connect to our own inner essence, to God, and to each other in that spirit; wherever we are, we’re home.”