Radhanath Swami recently gave a talk at the Yoga Rasa yoga studio in Clear Lake, TX which has recently been named the top yoga studio in Houston. His reception was very sweet, as the yoga students and teachers lined up & eagerly greeted him with flowers and garlands. He spoke on how he was inspired by his long time friend & companion Bhakti Tirtha Swami to write his autobiography “The Journey Home”. He also spoke about his realizations during his journey in the Himalayas, and his interactions with his parents during that time.

The event was attended by over 80.

Tracie Brace, founder and owner of Yoga Rasa said “I felt very moved, so much love, and so much emotion… …really feeling the humanity, the compassion, and so down to earth at the same time. Having him here at the studio I felt so honored, and so incredibly blessed.”