Special Events Center – Garland, Texas

On Friday, October 8th, 2010, Radhanath Swami spoke at the Special Events Center in Garland, TX. The talk was preceded by a concert by Dallas-based “Sacred Sounds”. Guests of honor were welcomed with flower bouquets and gift copies of the “The Journey Home”. After the welcoming ceremony, various guests were invited on stage to discuss the book.

Atul Vohra, VP of marketing service at Dell said, “I am very humbled to come here and speak about such a wonderful book written by a very pure and exalted personality, Radhanath Swami“.

Patrick McBride, pastor at One Spiritual Community and author of Sundrops on Life said “Radhanath Swami’s journey is like the merging of Indiana Jones and Autobiography Of A Yogi. One can learn a lot from this book if one reads it book with an open mind“.

Radhanath Swami began his talk by describing his journey from Europe to India. He described his haunting journey through the borders of Turkey, and how he was denied an entry due to the cholera epidemic attack. But he was very determined to pursue his calling to reach India. He recalled his hitchhiking through the Middle East, facing dangers at every step to fulfill the calling of his heart to “Go to India”. He described his struggle to enter India at the Pakistan-India border, where an Indian immigration official refused to let him enter India because he didn’t have enough money. He then described his adventures as he wandered through the various holy places, cultures and traditions of India, experimenting with various paths before accepting as his guru AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

The event, attended by about 300 people, was organized by the Friends of Radhanath Swami and co-sponsored by Eco Dallas.

Ronnie McKiddy said, “The event was a beautiful evening which will remain in my memory and heart forever. As a person born in the West I have only had access to such remarkable saints through books. Kneeling beside Swami as he signed our book and gazing into eyes of pure love and devotion to God is a breathtaking memory. My own spiritual journey has been a long and frequently painful one. God has blessed me beyond measure and helped me to persevere. I have been brought into the presence of many wonderful people and an especially wonderful teacher. Being introduced to Swami’s book and then meeting him is absolutely a highlight in my life. My heartfelt thanks to Radhanath Swami for writing this book and for taking such care to spend time with each one who waited to meet with him. My gratitude also to all who made this wonderful evening possible”.

Jessica Fain Olivarez said: “Open to all forms of spirituality and demonstrations of love, I gladly accepted my dear friend’s invitation to hear Radhanath Swami speak of his experiences that led him to write The Journey Home. For a few weeks, I had been feeling the need to reset my soul on its path, to remember to be open and awake to the beauty that surrounds us. Radhanath Swami’s loving and graceful presence reminds me to be soft and still in the moment and let experiences in my journey be lessons that enrich my life and awaken my spirit. I have made a moment-to-moment effort to be the river as he advised. To be that deliberate, determine pure force that bends around, over, and under whatever rocks, mountains, and humans stand in my way. I constantly move toward my goal, my home. My center shared with everyone. Since attending Radhanath Swami’s lecture, my husband and I have certainly felt more connected and present for each other. Making a conscience effort to tune in and be authentic allows our relationship to evolve with us. Many thanks to the graciousness of Radhanath Swami and his wonderful hosts in Dallas for providing such a fulfilling experience.

Barbara McKiddy said: “It was amazing to be in the same room with the Swami, to be in his presence, to hear him tell aloud of some of his adventures and challenges. If he would have talked all night long I would have listened. I had been looking forward to the date for some time and once the day arrived I was on cloud nine—then I found myself in his presence and I was above all clouds. After speaking for several hours he was so generous with his time and so gracious to each and every person that waited in line to have a one on one with him and to have their book signed by him. What an honor it was to be face to face with the Swami and to be blessed by his love. His book has changed my life and meeting the Swami has changed me. I am eternally grateful for this experience and I will never forget the peace and love that radiated in the room that evening”.

Patrick McBride says “I had never met the swami in person before and I was very blessed to meet him this time. A holy man filled with the love of God and radiating it to everyone in his actions, his blessings and his spoken and written words. His book was a beautiful story of a holy man—he didn’t know he was a holy man in the beginning!—who left his birthplace and traveled to India. Along the way, God used all of the people and all of the places to strip off what was not really him so that by the time he arrived in India he was his true self, the Holy Man. My moments with this Holy Man that night were touching and beautiful and food for my soul.”

Eileen said, “The book signing I attended for “The Journey Home” was an inspiring experience for me. I am so grateful that I was able to go. I have had some of the same struggles that Radhanath Swami had encountered in his youth, and his words helped to give me understanding. It was an insightful presentation by a very learned and spiritual man”.
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