On the morning of Saturday Oct. 2nd Radhanath Swami spoke on “Overcoming Obstacles in Yoga and Life” at the Heights School of Yoga. Several students from Iyengar Yoga Studio also attended.

He fondly recalled his times living on the River Ganga, how she flows around all obstacles to reach the sea. He also spoke at length at how great bhaktas or devotees such as Hanuman overcome the most formidable obstacles by the grace of God. He recounted how ISKCON founder-acarya Swami Prabhupada overcame incredible obstacles when he sailed to America at the age of 70 with only 40 rupees and suffered heart attacks at sea before his arrival. The Swami also described how he encountered dramatic obstacles during his sojourn through the Middle East and India.

Approximately 60 people attended the event.

Pam Johnson, owner of Heights School of Yoga, said “The talk he gave had particular meaning for me.. … it let me feel as if I could leap today, not only across the Himalayas, but across my heart and into each person here who came today. The vibration in the room was sparkling today.. He really brings true compassion..”