Radhanath Swami’s account, describing in great detail his tireless search for truth is fascinating reading and would provide a source of inspiration for all seekers of truth and self-realisation. What is remarkable about this book is its transparent honesty and one marvels at Radhanath Swami’s fearless description of his failings and short comings, fears and anxieties as he went about from place to place looking for the ultimate purpose of life.

In one sense, he could consider himself as fortunate as within a span of couple of years, it was possible for him to cover a wide geographical area mostly by foot undergoing tribulations, but could reach his goal ultimately. Those of us who have been struggling for a much longer time have not been blessed with this fortune as even though we consider ourselves knowledgeable we have never been able to experience a direct encounter with truth as Radha Nath Swami has been able to achieve.

In every chapter there is a glimpse of the great souls which have influenced his thinking. Like Buddha in his youth, he also went through severe austerities begging for food before reaching the same conclusion as Buddha that the ultimate realisation calls for a middle approach. Equally fascinating is his resolve not to commit himself permanently to any group notwithstanding the deep favourable impression which the saint has made on him, until and unless he is in a position to stand by his commitment for the rest of his life.

The book is a must-read for all spiritual seekers and the experiences described would not only enable the seekers to identify themselves with the Swami but also profit by the valuable essence learnt by him during his journey. – N Vaghul

N Vaghul is one of the most prominent bankers of India. He was awarded Padma Bushan, recognizing his distinguished service of a high order to the nation, in the Trade and Industry category in 2010