The Journey Home, which is an autobiography of Radhanath Swamiji is a stunning story worth reading. Though, his journey from the external to the internal world is an awe-inspiring journey it is possible that it may frighten many as he had undergone physical, financial and mental tortures from men irrespective of race or creed, almost taking him to the jaws of death. It is an amazing story. Yet his determination as an ardent seeker of truth is clear. His determined will to reach the Land of spiritual kingdom, that is India, is an unbelievable episode who later savoured the flavour of seeing the Soul face to face. The readers have to admire when everything of what he possessed are not only snatched his determined will, but salute him for withstanding the violent force of murder.

He writes about the World Yoga Conference of 1970 organized by Mr. Christhopher Hills in New Delhi. I had chaired many sessions and gave a lecture cum demonstration on the opening night. I do not know whether I met Richard then or not, but the conference ended in a fiasco. Some top yogis who were internationally known, for no rhyme or reason seized microphones, throwing chairs which upsetted people like us who never know the cause of disturbances even now. As the delegates were showing might over right I requested Shri Dheerandra Brahmacari as a host to address. As he was silent, I took the mic and addressed to stop animosity and hatred but to listen a minute of what I wanted to say. Silence came with repeated requests. Then I said that all of us should say goodbye to yogic discipline if it leads one from human conscious level towards the sub-human levels and therefore I request the Chairperson to conclude the conference as closed. No doubt this was a turning point as many thought that what happened should not have happened. I do not know whether Richard was there throughout the session. But having read his reference to the 1970 World Yoga Conference, I respect my friend, now Shri Radhanath Swamiji who pursued his spiritual journey experiencing unity in diversity which is a part and parcel of Indian culture, met various spiritual heads in his journey and gained knowledge of Adhyaatma Vidya progressively and then culminating his journey from the seeker to the state of the seer.

I thank Mandala Publishing House in presenting this interesting and educating journey of a seeker to become a seer. I hope many who read, aspire to experience what Radhanath Swami experienced. – B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the foremost teachers of Yoga in the world. He has written many books on yogic practice and its philosophy including “Light on Yoga,” “Light on Pranayama,” “Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”.